Spiritual Development:

We provide training and resources for pastors and churches to encourage and strengthen their community impact.

Educational Development:

We support quality schools, train and empower teachers, and invest in vocational learning opportunities.

Economic Development:

We invest in projects and training that create jobs, provide sustainable income, and promote dignity.

Physical Development:

We care for the orphan. We empower the family. We invest in clean water, nutrition, and medical care.

Wondering how you can get involved?

The burdens of generational poverty and lack of opportunity tear at the fabric of Haitian society. We work to provide the training, tools, and resources necessary to restore dignity and create opportunity in order to help the Haitian people thrive.

Work Together


We believe we all have the ability to do something that makes a difference.  Our “something” doesn’t have to be big or complex, in fact for most of us it will be small and simple.  Maybe your “something” is similar to Matthew, a young boy with a big goal and an even bigger heart.  Maybe Matthew’s story will inspire you to use your “something” to make a difference.

Share Together


Help us share the story and work of Together for Haiti.  Host a House Party.  Invite us to your small group.  Feature us on your blog.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Help connect us to opportunities to share our heart and our vision.

Give Together


Donate today and be a part of restoring dignity and creating opportunity in Haiti.

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Connect with Together for Haiti

Do you have a heart to see positive change for the people of Haiti?  We would cherish the opportunity to share more about our current work and our vision for the future of Haiti.  Complete the form and get to know more about Together for Haiti.

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